Je suis le presidente de Burundi. (halcyonmuse) wrote,
Je suis le presidente de Burundi.

LJ cuts for idiots.

1) Go to 'Update Journal'. Don't type anything yet.
2) Right underneath the box you type in, it says '(HTML okay; by default, newlines will be auto-formatted to "
" - or, use the rich text mode.) (HTML okay; by default, newlines will be auto-formatted to <br>) '. Click on the 'rich text' link.
3) Wait for it to reload.
4) Put in the entry whatever you want to put in.
5) Highlight what you want to LJ cut.
6) the 3rd from the last icon at the top of the box where you just typed has (...) that on it. Click on it.
7) A box will pop up that says 'Script prompt: Optional cut caption'. Put what you want to say there. For example, my lj cut for this explanation said 'Click here to find out how to USE this.' Then click ok.
8) There we go. That wasn't so hard, now WAS it?  Do whatever else you need to do-choose your icon, whatever. Then click 'update journal'

PICTURE INSTRUCTIONS: Stay in the first mode, don't switch to rich text. Before the picture or quiz, put <*lj-cut text="Hey this is a cut(or whatever you want to put here"*> without the *'s. At the end, put <*/lj-cut*> without the asteriks. w00t. Thanks.

HTML: for comments and such. Without the *'s, kthnx.
italics: <*em>text<*/em>
bold: <*strong>text<*/strong>
underline: <*u>text<*/u>
strikeout: <*strike>text<*/strike>
change color: <*FONT color=#00FF00>text<*/FONT> There is a handy color code guide here
♥ : &*hearts;
♠ : &*spades;
♣ : &*clubs;
Font size change: <*FONT size=1-7>text<*/FONT>
Small text: <*small>text<*/small>
Marquee left: <*marquee direction=left>text<*/marquee>
Marquee right!: <*marquee direction=right>text<*/marquee>
Marquee up!: <*marquee direction=up>text<*/marquee>
Marquee down!: <*marquee direction=down>text<*/marquee>

To add a link using words: <*A>Go here!<*/A>
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