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Sooooo I just got back 4 hours ago from another trip to Boundary Waters. SOAMAZINGOMG. It was affected by the Ham Lake fire and we went up there to help them clean up. We drawknifed trees (taking the bark off so they can use it for lumber), picked up A LOT A LOT A LOT of nails with magnets, picked up melted and reformed glass (and stole some melted and reformed glass. IT'S SO COOL LOOKING OK?), hauled big metal like bedframes to docks, we PADDLED THEIR BARGE which used to be a dock and was totally funny, weedwhacked, and generally were jacks-of-all-trades. I'm going to be going back up probably the first or second week of August to help some more. (if someone wants to come with they should TELL ME OK? AND SOMEONE SHOULD COME WITH BECAUSE IT'S FREAKIN AMAZING.)

So since we didn't go on trail we paddled to rock climbing one of the afternoons, so I have a LOT of video from that. I also have a video from the ride here with the guys obsessing over my tabloid (win, I know), and of a bunch of counselors playing in the water and being funny. Yay!

On the way there. Yay tabloids!

ROCK CLIMBING W00T. We'd all said what animals we wanted to be and Jeffrey, the rock climbing guy, was really cool and funny and he called everyone by their animals. There were 2 rock climbing walls.

Laura...Laura went too far. Laura=Panda. Pandas never do what you ask them to.:

Matt...including a vonderful song by Jeffrey! Matt=Falcon:

Jackson...his farts were pretty bad I guess.:

Greg...a.k.a. spiderman. He was trying to beat the other people. He succeeded, even through jeffrey's attempt at sabotage.:

There was a lot of MAN POUNDing going on that week, which involved hitting fists. However, Greg and Jackson elaborated during rock climbing.

Jackson at the other wall. It was ungrippy.:

Greg at the other wall. It took a long time to tie the harness. Also, Jackson wants to parasail.:

Maren, our guide, finishing page thirteen. I was distracted when she started, because I fail. =( Alas. She had rock climbing shoes:

This was Ryan's third time climbing. After the other two times he was like "OMGDIDYOUTAPEME?!" and I was like "You didn't tell me to?" So I taped this one. No ones knows if Kodiak bears (Greg) are ticklish:


We were chilling in Pinecliff, which is the living room slash dining room slash kitchen of the camp, and someone comes running in telling us we had to come see what was under the bridge. It was pretty great I guess. There were like 20 people standing on the bridge observing the strange phenomenon of camp guides playing in water. W000T. The staff I know were down there: Maria, Jeffrey, Beaver, and David. There were two others...possibly Greg. In two parts.
Part One:

Part Two:


-Nails nails nails, I love nails.
-MarMar was on the dance team. But she doesn't like to talk about it...
-Good call on the ____!
-Superheroes, silver and gold, Hyssica is lots of fun, my cell phone, Ryan reeeeaally likes the old sauna ROCKS, even though it's dangerous.
-FILM! MARBLES! Oh catchphrase.
-Matt: Greg likes to pretend he's one?
Three people: A WOMAN!
-Hey Laura, do you want some raspberries?
No thanks, I don't really like raspberries.
-We are one paddle! When Maren's paddle goes in the water, yours goes in the water. When hers comes out, yours comes out. etc. XD
-Team Nancy rocks!
-She rocks her hips, and waves, and sips...her coffee...that crazy office girl!
-Jackson, you look like a hobo.
-Maren's singing is the most amazing thing evar.
-MAGLTS (pronounced "moggults") ARE DELICIOUS.
-That's probably the closest thing I can come up with.
-Pandas can't see colour...
-Hoverboards! Dragons!
-Piney the pine beetle!
-Red Wood, Greg's pet squirrel.
-Jackson has ears like a fish!
-DB: Death Boycotting

So I got home and my dog was ALL OVER ME with all the different smells, and I didn't think and said "oh, he might even smell Moose" and my mom was like WHHHAAAATTT? and I had to explain that Sarah and Brian's DOG was named Moose. Heh, oops.

AAAAND now (FYI) I'm leaving Sunday until Friday to go visit my aunt and uncle in...Minnesota. But it's way west and not much north. w00t.
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